Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight interview duly done this morning. It goes out, well edited I hope, some time on Monday morning on TFM which I confess is not a station I usually listen to. They are promoting the start of the fortnight which is great.
So, too, are BBC Tees with Fairtrade tea tasting in the foyer of their building. If you're in the area of BBC Tees between 10 and 12 do pop in and say hello!
Normal politics resumed this afternoon when Stockton Council's cabinet met for a very short time and approved the recommendation to council for next week of a budget, giving a 2% rise in Council Tax. If Council approves it next week it means Stockton managing on less than planned this time last year but doing it without any dramatic cuts. That doesn't mean that there haven't been any cuts. There have, but planned and not dramatic. I hope it stays that way but who knows what the rest of the year might bring.
Meanwhile my mother received a letter from the Labour PPC for Stockton North telling her all the wonderful things Labour has done for us. She wasn't impressed. On the back is a "survey" which asks for name and address but they're already on the front so if it's sent back presumably the person opening the envelope would know who it's from. It gives a freepost address but not an envelope and she thought that was the height of bad manners! Shows that the older generation don't always think like their offspring:)

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