Sunday, February 14, 2010


I used to think that we were the only couple in the country that don't exchange Valentine cards or gifts but this morning I realised that there are more - lots more actually. Conversation with friends and acquaintances at church turned to the subject with a lot of sympathy from women for those men who feel pressured into spending a fortune and some bewilderment as to how a bit of fun (when we were teenagers - I begin to sound like a grumpy old woman) became a multi-million pound industry. On Saturday, desperately trying to find a decent selection of birthday cards, I even saw cards saying "Happy Valentine's Day to the dog". Perhaps I'm a product of post-war North East England? Or perhaps I just happened to meet the only other people in the country who feel the same way?
Without the aid of cards or bouquets of expensive flowers we succeeded in spending a very pleasant day, thank you.

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