Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Carnoustie Drive School Zone

Residents of Carnoustie Drive can be forgiven for being a little confused over the proposals for traffic calming and parking restrictions in the area. First Stockton Council consulted on installing speed bumps along Muirfield Rd, Carnoustie Drive & Sunningdale Drive along with parking restrictions on several roads near The Links School. When responses indicated little support for the speed bumps nor for some of the parking restrictions a second consultation was carried out which had fewer speed bumps and much smaller parking restrictions. Again, there wasn't enough support so a further letter was sent to residents saying that the speed bumps would not be progressed but the School Zone would be put on a list for possible funding. However, the School Zone was not defined and no map of this final proposal was produced.
Some people thought that meant all speed bumps were removed, others thought that the ones near the school would be retained while at least one Parish Councillor thought that a 20mph speed limit would be introduced also! It turns out that the middle line is the right one - there would be 3 speed humps as well as waiting restrictions near the school.
One resident has objected to the speed bumps, pointing out that speeding is not a problem, but others seem to support them. The final decision will now be taken by the Appeals and Complaints committee of Stockton Council, meeting on March 31st. We await the outcome with interest.

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