Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fairtrade finale

OK so Fairtrade Fortnight doesn't finish till tomorrow but yesterday afternoon's assembly at St Cuthbert's primary will take some beating. Each class explained what they'd done in the fortnight, ranging from filling a toy supermarket trolley with Fairtrade goodies to a persuasive writing exercise. I was almost in tears listening to the letters written to supermarket managers telling them why they should stock more Fairtrade goods. Those children have certainly got the message and their teachers have taught them well the power of the pen. Michael Foot would have been proud to know them!
And then the Fairtrade song - a new twist on old favourite "If you're happy and you know it" (shout Fairtrade was the fun and noisy bit) - written by the children of the Fairtrade committee. They'd sung it outside the supermarket earlier in the week. I'd have loved to have seen the passers-by. I'm really looking forward to their celebration when they achieve Fairtrade school status. I know I'm going to be invited.

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