Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Protect Preston Park

This is the new logo for the group which has grown out of the original protests over our Labour MP's suggestion that Eaglescliffe residents should back her in supporting a move of Egglescliffe school into Preston Park.
Next Wednesday will see the launch meeting of the group, formation of a committee and all the necessary bits of organisation needed to carry it on for as long as it takes.
The Facebook group has been renamed and relaunched accordingly and other community groups are involved. Power to the people!

I spent the morning at a conference about bringing a different kind of power to the people - electricity and heat from relatively small local plants to housing, commercial and industrial properties. ESCos or Energy Service companies vary from big private sector organisations to small community organisations but they all seek to provide the best deal on heating with or without power for both the provider and the consumer. There are lots of legal complications to setting one up but there are some potential advantages too and those of us who were there from Stockton came away feeling that we needed to examine the pros and cons much more closely. One thing's for certain, decentralised energy is the way of the future and if we don't get it right on our big projects like the North Shore development and BSF school building we are missing our only real chance in the next 25 years to get any significant improvement in Stockton's carbon consumption.

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