Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tory Threat to Schools

Not only have the Tories announced that almost anyone with the time & inclination will be able to open new publicly funded schools in competition with those already in existence but now Stockton's hard won funding for new and refurbished secondary schools is being threatened. According to an article by leading ToryNick Gibb in the respectable Times Education Supplement only those schemes that have reached the point of signing the contracts will be funded. All others will go into a melting pot. So Stockton, which has invested thousands of pounds of YOUR money in doing the preliminary work will lose out. Our scheme was only accepted in outline late last year and the final contract won't be signed till December this year at the earliest. Thus, no guarantee of funding! Thousands of pounds potentially wasted and masses of angst about which schools might close suffered in vain. No nice new school for Norton, no wonderful refurbishment fo rBishopsgrth and so on.
I know as much as anyone that whatever government comes to power this year it's going to need to save some money and reduce the national debt. But at the expense of education?
If you want real change with sensible costed policies, vote Lib Dem. Vince Cable knows what he's talking about and knows what's needed for this country.

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