Friday, March 12, 2010

Off to Birmingham by train to the Lib Dem spring conference. In some ways it felt like a bit of a cheat – going off to conference when others are out pounding the streets campaigning but on the other hand I did want to have do some things that can only be done face to face.
The opening rally of the conference was all it should be and we all really enjoyed it. From a rally looking forward to the next Parliament I went on to a fringe meeting looking back at the history of the Liberal Party in the 1960s and the influence of the Young liberals. I was intrigued to discover that when I was a Young Liberal in Stockton, enjoying political debates and social evenings, there were other Young Liberals in the country who were in contact with the Parliamentary party and were instrumental in formulating party policy. I don’t think that could happen in this day of the internet – everyone would be furiously emailing , tweeting and updating Facebook!

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