Saturday, June 26, 2010

As a follow up to yesterday's post - anyone who's on Facebook can leave their message on the memorial page that's been set up. Over 600 members - a tribute in itself.

This morning saw the launch of the next phase of the Tees Heritage Park at Preston hall - a chance to look at some of the ideas the artists have already, add ideas of our own and generally chat with people about the vision. The advertising banner talked about the team behind the dream - a lovely description. It seems no time ago since it was all just a dream, a hope perhaps but no more. Now the dream is going to become reality, a bit at a time but reality nevertheless. Though it is indeed the work of a team, one man stands out as having pushed the dream towards reality - Doug Nicholson. Well done Doug!
Sadly, I was so engrossed in conversation that I forgot to take any photos of the activity so you'll have to imagine people chatting over plans & photos, drawing their own ideas, discussing wooden totem poles with the artists and so on. I was caught up in discussions about the importance of the Park and the silliness of suggesting building a school there when our new conservative MP, James Wharton, arrived. There was a little bit of serious discussion of the future for schooling in Stockton South but also some very light-hearted banter about the coalition. People there were genuinely pleased that the 2 parties are working together, taking we hope the best from both approaches and then leaving other issues to fight over another day when the economy is in a bit better shape. It was hardly a statistically significant sample of the population but it was an interesting discussion nevertheless.
So no photos, but an indication that local politicians are human and that's got to be a good thing all round.

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