Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Case of the Missing Dog Dirt Bin!

A sharp-eyed resident reported the fact that a bin has gone missing from Preston Park - one specifically designed for the deposit of dog waste. It hasn't just corroded and been removed or been hit by a vehicle and needed removing. It has disappeared. Alan Lewis reported it and now a new one is on order but meanwhile the mystery remains - who would take such a thing? As Alan says, it's not something you can pick up and carry away.
On the subject of bins, we now have a number of requests for bins of various sorts in the ward and we're looking at all of them as part of our Community Participation Budget. People have also requested better lighting in some places and more flowers on the main roadsides. As the council's budget is reviewed for next year this fund might come to an end, but we'll be fighting to maintain it as it's the only bit of the budget where ordinary people and ward councillors can decide the priorities. A bit of real democracy.
I note with interest that we're all going to be asked to say where we think public services could be cut. It's an admirable suggestion except that most people don't know much about which services are carried out by whom and at what cost. With so much partnership working going on now the lines are blurred between councils, police, fire and health services. And who will stand up for the people who need the most help and maybe can't make their own voices heard?
On a brighter note it was good to hear Ian Swales (Lib Dem MP for Redcar) make his maiden speech yesterday and sing the praises of the area. He even managed to mention Parmos and Lemon top ice cream!

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