Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mayor's Sunday

The Sunday of the year when the newly appointed mayor dedicates himself to the service of the people of the Borough and the people of the borough are invited to pray for their town and the people who live and work within it.
Each year there's a march past of representatives of uniformed organisations within the borough, led by retired members of the armed forces. This year they were followed by sea cadets but for some reason no Scouts or Guides or other groups. Perhaps the civic office needs to think afresh about how people are invited and encouraged to take part or we're going to end up with no-one marching past! The veterans aren't getting any younger though they do manage to show the rest of us up, year after year, for how smartly turned out they are.
As usual, the Mayor's chaplain preached at the service and a very thought provoking sermon it was. One thought to take away - good is often done quietly but evil shouts. How to stop people thinking that evil is taking over and winning? Shout more about good things. It sounds so easy, yet how many newspapers will lead with a good news story? How many TV bulletins start with good news? Doom and gloom gets shouted from the rooftops and becomes a self-perpetuating story.
I'm getting gloomy now so I'll stop and go find some good news to smile about! The joy of grandchildren for instance - happy thought to finish on.

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