Friday, June 04, 2010

No, I haven't been hibernating but there certainly hasn't been time for blogging this week. This half term "holiday" was set aside for helping family with house decorating (hubby) and keeping the grandchildren amused and out of the way (me). The net result is two beautifully finished rooms, 4 exhausted adults and 2 children who appreciate their parents more than they did! Granny can't quite summon up the same energy and apparent enthusiasm for endless repetitions of familiar games! St Margaret's play area was a huge hit with both children, as was Castle Eden Walkway (or Wynyard Woodland Park as I must learn to call it now). We are so fortunate to have beautiful countryside on the doorstep and successive councils which have made the effort to provide access.
Today has been a day for a massive catch-up on emails and papers that arrived during my little family break. Two people complaining about the new play area - one having suffered antisocial behaviour and the other considering that we've installed something too big for the park. I've asked the police to visit more often in an effort to curb the ASB. As for the other matter - lots of children and families seem to be enjoying it. There's more work to be done on moving the wooden equipment and on getting the landscaping right but by the summer holiday it should be fully functioning.

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