Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting to note that our Labour MP for Stockton North, former cabinet member for Children & Young People and still ward councillor for Billingham East Ward in the borough has been on his feet in the Commons, asking questions and making his maiden speech, generally raising the profile of Stockton. Ian Swales, newly elected Lib Dem MP for Redcar has also been in there, raising the profile of the Tees Valley and asking for the Green Investment Bank to be based here in the region. Advice surgeries have been set up and advertised. Meanwhile here in Stockton South our MP has visited, made comments in the local press and gone again. I haven't seen any advertising of where to contact him or see him, but perhaps that's because it's been advertised in places I haven't looked.
Interesting times.


JW said...

Strange that, you managed to get in touch the other day to lobby me - as did Suzanne and Julia when I visited the Community Centre in Elm Tree and, for that matter, as have John and Alan. Maiden speech was yesterday.

Also, whilst I am pleased Ian is on board with it, the Green Investment Bank being based in the NE was originally my proposal; I copied Ian into my letter to Chris Huhne and he backed it up by writing to Vince Cable - for which support I am grateful, he is a pleasure to work with.

Playing the man now you cannot play the ball, disappointing.

Maureen Rigg said...

I wasn't referring to people "in the know" but the man in the street knowing where to go. Don't get as touchy as your predecessor please!
Stockton North surgery lists were up in Municipal Buildings ages ago.