Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ray Wallace Thompson RIP

I found out today that Eaglescliffe has lost another of its real characters.  Ray Wallace Thompson retired from a career as an architect in Local Government  in 1979.  I first met him in the late 1990s and spent many hours over the past decade discussing photography, politics and life.  Ray reminded me frequently that the "grey" vote is important, but he also believed in giving young people opportunities to progress and make the most of themselves.  He got to where he was by hard work and thought everyone should have the chance to do the same.
In recent years his health had begun to fail but it was only very recently that he stopped driving out with friends to enjoy his beloved Yorkshire.  His photographic skills were amazing and brought him recognition and awards from the UK and the USA and beyond.
Ray often told me of his first electric guitar, purchased at a time when such things were the prerogative of pop stars on world tours.  He made the move to digital photography when it was in its infancy and loved the new techniques it gave access to.  His library of pictures was vast and last time I saw him he was in the process of trying to thin it down and give material to people and places where it would be appreciated.    He had so many that I never had chance to look at and now probably never will.
Ray will be missed, by his new friends as well as old.  Rest in Peace Ray.  

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Anonymous said...

As a Canadian who I meet Ray on the INTERNET and had the odd phone call over the years I do miss very much as helped me with our hobby of photography and even as late 2006 he recommended me the DSLR I should purchase for my needs which helped me after years get the two photographic certificates at my college in town.

God bless is SOUL and SPIRIT for all those who knew well.