Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Denis and I have had a lovely few days off politics spending time with family.  Grandchildren have a way of absorbing attention and ensuring that we concentrate on them. 
Today is back to normal with a bang - non stop meetings from morning till night, but all interesting in their different ways.  Of particular interest to Eaglescliffe ward is the possibility of having a weight restriction on part of Durham Lane, except for access of course.  This, coupled with the one already in existence, is aimed at reducing the number of HGVs travelling through Eaglescliffe and Yarm en route to the A19 and A1.  Everyone accepts that lorries need to deliver to businesses in our area but there's much less support for them driving through, often late at night when the noise and vibration are so much more noticeable than during the day.  Western Area Transport Strategy group decided at our last meeting to try to pursue the idea of a weight restriction but had very little response to our consultation.  Today's meeting was a further effort to encourage the hauliers to meet with borough and parish councillors to discuss the issues and try to resolve them.  In the event not everyone invited turned up but they can't claim not to have had the opportunity to make their point.  
The proposal will be considered at the June meeting of the Transport strategy group and a decision taken.

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