Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Elementis, Going down slowly

Ward and parish councillors were invited to Elementis today to see for ourselves how the demolition is going.  The most interesting part was a time lapse photo sequence showing some of the work going on.  The delicate way in which a huge machine carves up the steel structure and chops it into small pieces was amazing.  By the time we'd been able to look round the site and ask all our questions we could come away content that the process we always hoped would never happen is at least happening in a clean and safe way.  And although we'd rather the skills on the site were still those needed to produce chromium products, the site is still being worked by very skilled operatives.
Planning committee, on the other hand, heard of the frustrations felt by villagers at Hilton who've tried in vain to get answers to some of their questions about the wind turbines and associated infrastructure near their village.  Why is it that a company can get permission for building a control building in one place then realise that they need it in another?  Why do they know that the turbines will be OK but then need a 10m mast to monitor the wind?  Why does national grid want the turbines to be refused permission then change their minds?  Why does National Grid write a policy then support turbines that don't conform to the policy?  Every answer seems to produce more questions.
I don't fundamentally disapprove of wind turbines though I don't think they're the most efficient renewable generators on the shelf, but I do disapprove of companies which give an impression of incompetence, however mistaken that impression might be.
No doubt at the next planning meeting we'll have the partial answers and still be none the wiser.

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