Sunday, March 27, 2011

End of another era?

Census day today, and I can't help wondering what people will make of the data and documents in 2111 when they are opened to public view.  When the rules about keeping the census forms secret for 100 years were written it would be inconceivable that people entered on them as young children would still be alive when the 100 years were up.  Now, I wonder how long we'd have to set the rule to ensure that the babies being entered on this one are all dead by the time it's public?  150 years?  200 years?  Who knows?
It's probably the last time data will be collected like this, as there are so many other ways to collect the data needed for planning services to the population of an area.  Sad for genealogists but practicalities outweigh emotions!

It's also the day the clocks went forward and I wonder for how many more years we'll do that.The pressure from London and the south east to have BST all year round is growing stronger all the time.  Never mind us poor souls up here in the North, and further north in Scotland, who'll have darker mornings for longer in the winter.  I remember the mornings in the experimental period of BST in winter - watching the sun rise from the lab window at Teesside Poly having travelled there in the dark.  Not particularly attractive as a prospect especially as it didn't give us a light evening - there just aren't that many hours of daylight in winter!
Meanwhile the seedlings are coming through - tomato and 2 varieties of chilli so far -  and that's a sure sign that spring has sprung.

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