Friday, March 25, 2011

Let there be light...

....and heat and power.
All Saints church in Preston-on-Tees became the first church in the diocese of Durham to install Solar panels in an effort to provide at least part of its electricity needs.  By feeding the power generated into the National Grid and being paid for it, the church reduces the electricity bill and its carbon footprint.  Everyone wins!
At lunch time today the system was officially unveiled following a brief service of praise and thanksgiving.  A buffet lunch gave everyone the opportunity to chat and find out more, including some of the young people from local schools.
The photo shows the public display panel with the total energy that's been generated since mid January when the panels were installed. No doubt in the middle of summer I'd need a much faster shutter speed in order to capture the rapidly changing numbers.
The parish now hopes to act as an encouragement to others to follow the same path to energy and carbon saving.  Community Action for Energy Eaglescliffe (CAfEE) will be holding another day on April 20th to encourage the local community to come along and find out about ways of saving a bit of their own heat, light and power - why not join them if you're in the area?
The evening was spent in the company of other Lib Dems and friends at our Quiz night.  For once I was on a team which almost won - pipped by one point by the MP of the month and his family!  A thoroughly enjoyable evening which just set us up nicely for the remainder of the election campaign.


Anonymous said...

Great idea its a pity SBC and some of the political parties don't listen when it comes to carbon footprint when 11 buses a day run children from IB to Conyers and Eagglescliffe schools at cost of over £400,00 a yeara cost to every council tax payer in the borough.

Anonymous said...

Your "all saints" Preston link links to All Saints church in Preston, Lancashire? Get a grip Maureen !!

Maureen Rigg said...

Thanks for pointing that out - a senior moment! If you'd left your name of course I could thank you properly.

treeclimber said...

Perhaps maureen should take a look at here own carbon footprint. How many trees have died to provide paper for liberal lies to be printed and put through peoples doors. vote liberal and be taken for a mug should be printed at the top.