Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Grange

Stockton Council's planning officers have refused permission for the development of 10 Town Houses on the site of The Grange on Urlay Nook Rd.  They agreed with local residents and the ward councillors that it represented an overdevelopment of the site, out of keeping with its surroundings and with too little amenity space for the size of the houses.  No doubt the owner will appeal and meantime the existing permission for apartments still stands.  So one cheer is the best I can do for this one, but one cheer is better than none.

Three cheers though for the lady and her young daughter who want to start cleaning up and looking after a verge and some of the open space on Leicester Way, and to the Care for Your Area staff who are trying to ensure it can happen.  Ward councillors met with them yesterday afternoon and by this morning the first actions had been taken.  Definitely three cheers all round.

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