Monday, April 02, 2007

Election Fever

Only two days to go before the close of nominations for the elections. This morning I took in the nomination papers for Alan, John and I for the Parish Council. They were the easy ones to complete. John and Alan had sorted out signatures for the Borough Council nominations and they've gone to our agent. People from all 3 main parties are scurrying round trying to get nomination papers signed in the wards where they don't have a big membership base, and looking increasingly fraught. The electoral registration desks are a hive of activity but seemed very well organised.
I spent time trying to organise things before I go away tomorrow morning on a course - not a good time to do that. Colleagues were still getting papers signed in far flung wards, and then Alan and John went out to do some surveys in the ward. I must say I'm impressed by the return rate we're getting on them. People do seem to be pleased to be listened to. Many of the responses have issues which need taking up and replying to, so that's a pile of work for later in the week when I return.
In the midst of all this were frantic phone calls about a problem that had cropped up, rumours of things going wrong for other parties, and the effort to carry on doing the casework which residents bring to us. And there's still a month to go till the election!!

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