Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Good News

At last a bit of good news on the planning front. I picked up my council post on Monday evening and found a letter telling me that the application for Quad biking and motor cycle sport at Riverside Lodge had been refused. It was one of those applications where the vast majority of local residents are absolutely opposed and have been complaining about the noise for the past 3 or 4 years at least, but the applicant was determined that he could do enough to get planning permission. I just wasn't sure whether he could or not, and I wasn't looking forward to it coming to planning committee with a recommendation for approval. The committee would have needed the wisdom of Solomon I think, to make the right decision. As it is, the officers have said that the traffic hazard and the noise will be unacceptable and that there's a possible impact on wildlife which hadn't been addressed. I'm sure the applicant will go to appeal but I hope now that the inspector will agree with the council and the residents.
The not good news was that my friend's relative had died on Sunday in hospital. Police are appealing for any witnesses to the accident on Durham Lane on Saturday morning to come forward. (PC Craig Portas on 01642 301552)
We're at the stage in the council year when some committees complete their work and can't start anything else till after the election, while others like planning have to keep going to the bitter end. Yesterday another of the former completed its year.
It was also our last ward surgery of the municipal year, and the last one ever for Mike. We didn't have time to get maudlin though - a resident came along in response to articles about the area to suggest some ways in which we might brighten up Eaglescliffe and make it pleasanter for people travelling along Yarm Road. They were good interesting suggestions and I've noted them for consulting on after the election.
There was just time for a little bit of canvassing before going to our group meeting - again the last one before the election. We went the length of Elmwood Road where I'd been told there was a great deal of worry about road safety, but not one person raised the issue with us on the doorsteps. We did, however, get issues raised about the park which will be followed up. Yet again we have young people congregating, making it seem intimidating for older people, leaving the debris of their illicit drinking behind, but they have nowhere to go that doesn't cause these problems. A real priority for after the election.

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