Saturday, April 28, 2007

Press and publicity

On Thursday morning I was interviewed by a reporter from Radio Cleveland about the election and the future for Stockton. She was putting together a piece with interviews of all three main party leaders. I managed to catch it on Friday morning before 7.30. If that was the only time it was broadcast it's a pity because many people wouldn't hear it and she'd done a good job.
Friday morning's paper showed that a Conservative shadow minister had been at Egglescliffe Comprehensive and the report indicated that it was a political visit - The north isn't a Labour area according to him! Well, true - Newcastle & Durham Councils are Lib Dem, Redcar & Cleveland is a Lib Dem - Tory coalition, but it seemed odd to have such a one-sided political visit in election time to a school with voters amongst its 6th form and staff. Questions to be asked there when normal service resumes on Monday.
Friday evening's paper brought a story of a local woman protesting about the parking of dangerous chemical tankers on land behind her house. Alan and I drove round there this afternoon to have a look and found that the haulage company seems to have extended its storage yard and is now relying on the houses and garden fences to provide part of the boundary. More questions to be asked on Monday, this time of the planning department to see whether permission is needed.

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