Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tory Innocence?

Today a leaflet dropped through the letterbox from the local Conservative candidates. Only one actually lives in the ward and his phone number was obliterated by Tippex or some such whitener! So we know how much he wants to be contacted don't we. It could be of course because he's a university student so probably not in the area at the moment.
I couldn't believe that a deliverer had walked past our window with its Lib Dem poster in it to deliver their leaflet, nor that she hadn't been given a list of the sitting councillors and candidates to avoid their addresses. But then I read the first sentence and nearly died laughing - "We know you've been well served by your present councillors". Doesn't anyone tell these people about how to write a leaflet? Someone at church thought that meant the Tories were supporting us, and thought it rather nice of them. I hadn't the heart to disabuse him.
Otherwise it's full marks to them for getting the name of their PPC into more homes than it would have gone otherwise. The general election campaign has started already in Stockton South.

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