Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dog Fouling, Animal Welfare & Crematoria

What do they have in common? They're all on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting of the Environment Select Committee. The review of Dog Fouling and Animal Welfare is drawing to a close and the recommendations and report should be finalised tomorrow afternoon. We'll also be following up on previous reviews into cemeteries and memorials.
The meeting is being held in Nightingale House, also known as the Register Office, where the new Bereavement Suite will be open for us to see beforehand. We'll be able to see the selection of receptacles for cremated remains which are on display to help people make their choice, as well as some of the less traditional coffins. We didn't realise that Fairtrade coffins exist until too late to get one in for display but who knows what might come in the future? The Bereavement suite is the latest improvement in such services for the people of Stockton and while it might be a taboo subject to some, death is the only certainty in life for all of us and needs to be planned for in the same way as all the other significant events.
Meanwhile, my preparation consists of reading several reports before tomorrow's meeting! And if anyone wants to see even more photos of the Go Bananas for Fairtrade events in the Tees Valley go to Flickr and enjoy.

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