Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Towards the end of a mini Era

Tonight was John's last formal council meeting in the Town Hall. It was a peaceful affair with no rants or major arguments but a number of very important questions raised and either answered or answers promised. As more co-operation is planned in our "city region" we need to know exactly what is being set up and what is being done in our name.
At the end of the meeting a Thornaby councillor who has caused his fair share of rowdy moments in the council chamber over the year stood up and thanked John for being so fair and a real gentleman. It was a lovely gesture which only Steve could have done in that way, took everyone by surprise and was much appreciated by the mayoress, sitting next to me, and I'm sure by the mayor also. Quite a lot of people stayed behind afterwards to have a drink and nibbles - more than have stayed at other times during the year.
John's last full council meeting will be a less formal affair at the education centre when there are lots of presentations and questions to officers about the performance of their sections. And then we move on to the Annual meeting and the appointment of a new mayor and deputy. It'll seem strange not to have a mayor or deputy in the group - Suzanne and John have made history by being the first couple to have served consecutively and so for 4 years the group has had the mayoralty associated with us. The end of a mini-era indeed.

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