Monday, March 23, 2009

I spent the afternoon at Teesside High Prep school as part of their International week. Discussing Fairtrade with young people aged 9 to 11 I was struck again, as I often am, by the depth of their questioning, their thirst for knowledge and justice. A group of girls expressed their disappointment with a local Town Council which had listened to them and received a petition asking them to promote Fairtrade in the town but then apparently done nothing. We discussed ways of influencing the democratic bodies in the area and they resolved to "have another try".
The school council is committed to forming a steering group to encourage the school on its way to Fairtrade status and two girls have taken on the job of co-chairing that group. I've promised to go in again and discuss with them what support they'd like from the Borough partnership.
Other young people, preparing to move on to the senior school in September, spoke of a desire to encourage young people there to think more about Fairtrade while others talked of lobbying their local shops to stock more goods.
A host of enthusiasts, a pleasure to be with and a joyous way to spend the afternoon.

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