Friday, March 27, 2009

Vote Earth! Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour

Is it really a year since Earth Hour 2008? I don't feel as though much has changed in the intervening 8760 hours (or 8729 as I write) to improve things. Governments say the right words and do the wrong deeds. Most of us need constant reminders but then we resent being "preached at". So here's a fun way to do a bit of good - tomorrow night at 8.30pm, wherever you are in the world, have dinner in the dark. OK, light a candle or two so that you can see what you're eating.
Switch off the TV. Turn off the computer. No radio (unless you've got a wind up one). One hour of electricity saved across millions of buildings - could make the difference between life and death for someone somewhere. Maybe there'll be one less flood in Bangladesh than otherwise, or maybe one less hurricane somewhere, or???
Go on - you know you can do it.

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