Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I started the day with an argument (or robust discussion depending on your point of view) about how a scrutiny committee can best spend its time. More specifically, how the Environment Select committee of Stockton Council should spend the next few months in an effort to do our bit for improved efficiency. The outcome of the discussion is yet to be decided but has been escalated to a higher level.
By contrast the library service was wonderfully organised and helpful about distributing our Fairtrade Borough directories around the borough. Which was good because I then went to the Fairtrade Borough Partnership meeting and could report that happy fact, along with reporting the successes of Fairtrade Fortnight. It was interesting to have two new people present and to have the good news that the catering in ARC is being taken over by a company which is committed to using Fairtrade and locally sourced products as far as possible in their menus. Yippee - it's only taken 5 years but at last we'll have a Fairtrade caterer in the centre of town with a good public profile.
Tonight I attended a meeting of a very different kind - planning the celebrations for the 150th birthday of the Catholic church in Yarm. Although it's over the river and in a different diocese to Eaglescliffe many people from this side of the river go down to Yarm rather than through to Stockton.The celebrations will be varied and I'm sure very enjoyable. We also discussed plans for a possible new church hall - exciting stuff but lots of detail to be worked out before it gets even to the planning stage let alone the building going up.

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