Thursday, August 13, 2009

St Margarets Play Area

Today was the last day of consulting with children attending the playscheme and parents & other interested adults on the plans for the upgrading of St Margaret's Play area. Plans have been on display at Butts Lane school during the playscheme for the last 3 weeks and today I made time to go along and hear what people were saying. There's been surprisingly little comment from people but today made it all worthwhile. As one neighbour of the park was commenting on the likelihood of antisocial behaviour another two, agreeing that there was a likelihood of some bad behaviour, suggested a simple re-design of one part of the park, swapping a few features about to make the dark corner less attractive to youths as a drinking den at night. Simple, and so positive. One mother of young children recalled her teenage years visiting the same park, gathering in the same corner and could share what would help to encourage teenagers to congregate a little further from the houses. Also she was a great advocate for the idea of a Multi Use Games Area and thought we should spend the money on that first!
There were children's suggestions in plenty too, so lots for us to discuss at our Recreation Committee meeting next week. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results in spring next year.


Peter - Eaglescliffe said...

Are the plans available on line? As St Margaret's play area crosses into the catchment area of The Links Primary school it would have been useful to have had some information available from that school too...?

Maureen Rigg said...

Unfortunately in the summer The Links chose not to be involved with the Playscheme so a consultation couldn't be arranged there. However, many children from The Links attended the Playscheme in Butts Lane and were involved in the consultation.
Now that the plans have been drawn up The Links school council had the opportunity to vote for their choice along with Egglescliffe Primary. They both voted for the same scheme.

Lucy aged 8 said...

My sister and I have just been playing on the new play equipment. We loved the new slide and the zip wire.

We think it needs more grown up seats and rubbish bins.

Thank-you for a lovely play park,

Maureen Rigg said...

Hi Lucy,
I'm really pleased you've enjoyed the new play equipment. You're right about the bins and benches and we'll see what we can do with this year's money.