Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday always acts as a reminder that Lent is almost over and Easter almost here. I'd like to think that the wind might warm up slightly before next Sunday though!
This morning brought a bit of a discussion of the fact that Middlesbrough council had turned off the lights on the Transporter Bridge last night as part of Earth Hour. What had Stockton done? Well, the answer is nothing, not a single solitary gesture, despite being asked by me and provided with all the information to enable easy action. Maybe next year they'll play catch up, though I seem to recall the cabinet member for the environment saying that we wouldn't take part in such gestures. I wasn't feeling well at that particular council meeting so I could be wrong of course.
All of which reminds me that it's about time we did a quarterly check on how our group energy saving competition is going.

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thribble said...

Ashamed to say that I went out for dinner (and Pete was at the GP, oh the irony). As I was going to be late back I actually deliberately left the outside light on. I did think "oooh, earth hour", but decided on safety over the environment...